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It takes a special type of mover to know how to plan, communicate and deliver the move of an education facility. At First Choice Removalz, we’ve achieved this for our clients, on a regular basis.

The likes of UTS and Western Sydney University call First Choice Removalz when they need the help of a highly skilled team of removalists to execute their needs.

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For the best institution removalist services in Sydney, go with the expertise and affordability of First Choice Removalz.

When it comes to relocating an educational facility, a lot more goes into it than simply throwing a few things into cartons and then loading them onto a truck. It takes planning, organisation, and more than anything it requires the know-how and can-do attitude to accomplish the move in a timely fashion.

At First Choice Removalz, we possess the experience and expertise to get your educational institution into its new home with the maximum efficiency. This means that we work with you to develop a relocation plan and timeline, then we take over the rest of the process so that you don’t have to stress over the details.

Unlike most institution removalist services in Sydney, we don’t simply drive your documents, furniture, and equipment to their new location. We handle every step of the moving process, from wrapping, boxing, and labelling your items, to transporting them, to unloading and reorganising and reassembling everything.

As an educational institution, many of your documents, materials, and equipment are sensitive, delicate, and irreplaceable. We understand the importance of handling these items with care, and our staff has been trained to deal with them accordingly. And when it comes to moving large pieces of equipment, we use hydraulic lifters that are specially designed to maintain the integrity of your instruments and other technology.

If you’re looking for the best institutional removalist in Sydney, your search is over. Call First Choice Removalz today to discuss your big move.

First Choice Removalz – we combine expert service with cost effective methods.

At First Choice Removalz, we don’t believe that the best option is that which is most expensive. In fact, we believe that the best should cost less.

That’s why we deliver our expert institutional removalist services at a lower price than you’ll get from any other large scale moving company in Sydney. How do we do it? It’s simple – by coupling the most modern and cost effective methods with careful planning, we’re able to eliminate a variety of expenses and reduce the overall price.
Why pay more when you don’t have to? Call First Choice Removalz today to find out how we can save you money on your relocation.

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We’ll take the time to make sure the details are mapped out and the plan carefully adheres to any policies. Our master relocation project manager, Angelo Bramani will be with you from the early planning stages through to the final day or days of your big move.

Our team although experienced, treat every project with the attention to make sure the relocation of your facility or instituion is a successful one.

At First Choice Removalz our philosophy is to provide a stress free experience for each and every client. We take the detail seriously and respect our clients space and needs. Our team will focus on your requirements and provide the relocation solution most aligned to your needs, and not our timeframes.

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